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Fran Sandham – July Speaker

Fran Sandham talk about Livingstone and Stanley

The speaker, for our July monthly meeting at Christ Church, was Author and intrepid explorer Fran Sandham, who gave a talk about Dr Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley.

Fran gave us the fascinating history of these two famous 19th century pioneers, Dr Livingstone, who was looking for the source of the Nile, and Stanley, who was looking for Dr Livingston.

As we all know, Stanley fulfilled his mission, allegedly greeting Livingstone with the famous words, “Dr Livingstone I presume”. Sadly the doctor didn’t find the Nile’s Source, but later Stanley did. It was a very exciting tale told with much enthusiasm and humour.

Fran Sandham is an expert on Africa, having done an incredible 3,000ml solo walk across the continent from the Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean.  His book on his adventures is entitled Traversa. Wittily written it is a real page turner and a very good read.

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