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Group Leader Simple Membership FAQs

If you are using a smartphone to do your group or event management and some of the screens are not fully visible, there is a setting in your web browser which may help you.  This setting will either be labelled ‘Request Desktop Site’ or just ‘Desktop Site’.  If you are using an iPhone this will probably be the first version and, when enabled, will change to say ‘Request Mobile Site’.

To find this setting:

  • On Chrome, click on the 3 dot menu at the top right and it will be towards the bottom of the list
  • On an iPhone, tap the ‘aA’ on the left of the search bar 

Setting Desktop mode allows the phone to view the website as if on a large screen and enables pinch-zoom plus drag

The desktop setting applies to the website domain on which you set it, so will not impact other sites you view.

Go to ‘Manage Group Members’. Find the relevant member in the middle column (or add them if they are not there), then tick the little box against their name. Group Leaders are highlighted green.

  1. You should make an entry onto SM every time you make a payment into the bank. It is enormously helpful to me if you can do this at around the time you pay into the bank so I can reconcile the bank statement to SM. If, for whatever reason, no banking is made then no return is necessary, the subsequent return will cover both meetings.
  2. A number of people have asked about the box “adjustment this period to cash retained in group”. This covers the situation where a cash float is kept by the group. If the cash float is always kept at (say) £10 then 0 will be entered in this box as no adjustment is being made. If the float is to be increased from (say) £10 to £15 then 5 will be entered into this box. Conversely, if the float is decreased from (say) £10 to £5 then -5 will be entered into this box.
  3. The box “expenses value this period” is where you enter expenses that you have paid directly. You do not need to enter expenses which are paid by the Treasurer, as I will enter these onto SM.

When you are entering your Group Finance Return, do not press the ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.  This will cause the form to be submitted before you are finished.  Instead, click into each of the fields, enter all of the required values and then press the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the form.

Submit two returns, one for cash and one for cheque, each with the relevant number of members and value of receipts

No, your finance returns will be done from the individual events.

No, if you do not collect money you do not need to make a finance return, although you can submit just the attendance statistics for your own information.

Open a new tab in your web browser and go to Search for the venue and select it from the list. Use your mouse to zoom to the required level of detail. Then highlight the entire address in the web address bar and copy it (right click-copy). Go to the ‘Venue Map’ field on your group details edit screen and paste in the address (right click-paste).

Email the Group Activities Co-ordinator to have it added

Tap a name to select, tap multiple names to select multiple and tap a selected name to deselect it

At the moment there is no facility to do this in Simple Membership. Although the Treasurer does not normally need an attendance register, Group Leaders are recommended to keep one in case any checks have to be made due to an audit.

There is a button in the group description page for a Document Manager. Open this (see note below), Click the ‘Upload’ button and select the file(s) you want to upload. Once files have been selected press the ‘Upload’ button. Your files will then be uploaded and you can ‘Insert’ them into your document by pressing the ‘Insert’ button.

NB: When inserting a document it is good practice to change the target from ‘None’ to ‘New Window’, so that the document opens in a new browser window leaving the group page available.

Exit Doc Mgr, reduce the size of your browser contents (ctrl-minus) then go back into Doc Mgr. This should resolve the problem and you can make your browser contents bigger again (ctrl-plus) after you have finished with Doc Mgr

No, when a member is manually added to a group, either from the waiting list or following an application to join, it is up to the Group Leader to email the member with an appropriate message.

When you create an event you only need to give it a name and give it a maximum size. Once the event is created, go into ‘Manage Event Attendees’ and add the person who will be organising it, then tick them. Their name will be highlighted in green and they will have full access to manage the event.

The easiest way to achieve this is to temporarily add those people as members of the group, so that they can be added to the event. The Group Leader will need to make a note of who has been temporarily added, so they can be removed following the event. Depending upon your group vacancies you may need to increase your capacity before adding the temporary members.

If you can see the sidebar you are logged in to the Southport u3a website, not the Simple Membership control panel.  All administration has to be performed via the control panel.

All Group Leaders have been provided with the correct address for the administration control panel, if you cannot remember it please use the web support form to request it be sent to you.

This sometime happens when your browser is set to ‘Request mobile website’.

In Safari, tap on the ‘aA’ in the address/search bar and select ‘Website settings’, then ‘Request desktop website’.

In other browsers, such as Chrome, you will find the Desktop site selection in the ‘three dots’ menu at the top right of the page.

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If you have other items which you believe would be useful in one or both of these documents please use the support form to inform us.

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