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Let’s Go To RAF Burtonwood

RAF Burtonwood

On September 5, Let’s Go members made a visit to the Heritage museum at RAF Burtonwood near Warrington.

During WW2, RAF Burtonwood became a massive base for allied forces to supply and maintain resources, especially vehicles and in particular aircraft such as the Flying Fortress. They even manufactured propellers and rubber dinghies.

There were 18000 U.S. personnel based there and, to look after them, accommodation, hospitals, chapels and so on were provided.

About 700 marriages took place between service people and locals and the museum still gets visits from the descendants of the service people.

Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Glenn Miller were among the artists who visited to entertain the people.

More recently, the base had another lease of life when it supported the Berlin Airlift.

Two museum volunteers provided an excellent tour.

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RAF Burtonwood
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