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Jaqueline Iddon – Gardening Group

Jaqueline Iddon

The Gardening Group speaker for May was Jaqueline Iddon from Hazelwood Nursery. Always a delight, she gave us a knowledgeable and entertaining talk on a wide variety of plants for the year ahea. There were lots of good ideas on plant combinations and unusual specimens for both sunny & shady spots. She had brought an exciting selection of plants for sale, which were soon hoovered up.

Tom Dagnall sculpture

Her husband is Tom Dagnall, a famous and very talented sculptor. She showed us pictures of some of his work and shared an amusing tale of how she had posed for this fabulous sculpture which Tom had created to commemorate a Yorkshire mining disaster that occurred in 1914. Apparently, she was bent over, wrapped in cling film and draped in quick drying plaster. Jaqueline Iddon can always be relied on to make us laugh with amusing anecdotes about her rich family life.

If you would like more information about the Gardening Group, please visit their group page and contact one of the leaders.

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