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Tower Of Hope

Southport Tower of Hope

There is no doubt that Southport has been the beneficiary of some fantastic investments in recent years, the ‘Tower of Hope’ is just the latest to be announced.

We have seen the redevelopment of the Market Hall into a wonderful food emporium and meeting place. The new ferris wheel on the sea front promises to be a major attraction, the old BHS building is being redeveloped and a Grade II listed building is undergoing major renovation on Lord Street.

The latest project to be unveiled, the ‘Tower of Hope’, is proving to be slightly more controversial on social media. How would you like a little bit of New York in Southport’s ‘Northern Quarter. It would definitely be an eye catching building, but would it turn out to be a white elephant?

Click HERE for details about the Tower of Hope project.

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3 thoughts on “Tower Of Hope”

  1. Alastair McMurdo

    I’ve just sent this response to Stand Up For Southport:

    “I’m not sure whom to write to about this, but I’ll start here. Who in their right mind would want a monstrosity like this in Southport? One of the attractions that brought me to live in Southport two decades ago was that it was not like other cities and large towns I have lived in. It was a calm seaside town with no high-rise buildings to speak of. There is nothing remotely scenic about high-rise buildings. They may be eye-catching, in all the wrong ways, but any increase in visitors because of it will not be sustained.
    This is just madness.
    If you wouldn’t mind, can you tell me the best outlets to express my view. Thank you. Unless of course this is a scam.”

    Do with this what you will.

  2. Whatever home is in the shadow of this will not get much of Sunny Southport! Keeping the residential quarters warm when it is unprotected from the westerly winds will surely require quadruple glazing. It should not get Planning Permission without donating 4 or 5 floors for car parking – for the residents as well as the thousands expected to visit it. Besides, where are ANY plans for a Visitors’ Centre, if this is not to be it, complete not only with car parking but toilets and refreshments for those who have just arrived, and, while they have their lovely cuppa, read the leaflets to encourage them to visit our wonderful attractions before they launch out on foot? THAT is what we need, not THIS! Unfortunately, that requires public money ie a slice of the £37m we have been offered which should not be spent on wave machines!

  3. Interesting idea. It might be finished just in time for the onset of the super tides forecast to inundate Liverpool Bay by 2050. (That sounds comfortingly far in the future but isn’t in the life of a structure like this.) I notice the website of Clayton Architecture features a ‘Coming Soon’ page when you try to find out who they are. A bit like the ominously named ‘Tower of Hope’ itself then…
    I assume they’ve been here long enough to know Southport is built on sand – the clue is in our nickname. Pilings will need to be sunk pretty much to New Zealand to keep that amount of weight upright; and where will the ‘thousands of jobs’ appear from? Highly paid cleaners no doubt for all those luxury apartments.
    The gym and spa will be inside the building of course, but the image somehow couldn’t quite show where the ‘…along with providing green spaces for exercise and community activities’ bit was to be situated – or are they thinking of the astroturfed bit of road outside Punch Tarmey’s! No, can’t be that; maybe they think paying for a few extra gardeners in King’s Park will discharge that particular promise.

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