Southport U3A

BTCZ is now OYCZ

Southport u3a -  Outside Your Comfort Zone (OYCZ)

If you fancy trying something challenging, or just like acronyms, you should think about joining the new ‘Outside Your Comfort Zone’ (OYCZ) group. This was previously known as the ‘Beyond The Comfort Zone’ group.

The group has a number of events planned and would like interested members to contact the group leader. The events so far being considered are :

  • – Workshops in Cookery
  • – Pottery
  • – Painting
  • – Chocolate making 
  • – A new Shiverpool walk in Liverpool

To enter into the fun, visit the OYCZ group page and contact the group leader.

For more information about Southport u3a please get in touch using our contact form.

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