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u3a Eye Bragging Rights

I try to avoid blowing my own trumpet (honest), but sometimes it’s nice to announce small successes.

In the past, we have brought to your attention a monthly ‘competition’ called ‘u3a Eye’. It is a photo competition with no prizes other than bragging rights. Members are invited to submit a single photo, fitting the theme of the month. The 15 photos judged to be the best are chosen for display in the u3a Eye gallery.

In January, the theme was ‘Words/Text’ and my photo, which you can see below, was amongst those chosen.

u3a Eye is free to enter and a bit of fun. Why not submit one of your photos and see if we can put Southport u3a on the map! You can see the gallery and submit your photos on the u3a Eye pages.

Ian Homewood Southport u3a - u3a Eye Pier Boards

If you would like to know more about Southport u3a please get in touch with us using our contact form.

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