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Southport u3a Ideas for OYCZ

The following are ideas put forward for OYCZ events. If any of them take your fancy, head over to the Beacon Members’ Portal and join the relevant group. If you have any problems accessing Beacon please use our contact form to get in touch with the Beacon Administrator. If you have any other ‘OYCZ Ideas’ feel free to get in touch with Brian via the OYCZ group page.

1) Glass Fusion at Cedar Farm Gallery

This is a whole day workshop. You would make your own unique piece of glass art. Initially you will earn the basics of fusing glass and have an opportunity to make mirrors, wall panels, bowls and platters. The cost would be about £120.00. This would be a car share event

2) Catton Hall at Frodsham

Catton Hall offers a variety of outdoor activities.

  • Clay pigeon shooting using 30,40 and 50 clays costing £50, £55 and £60 respectively.
  • Quad bike ride 6miles and 9 miles long costing £48 and £58 respectively
  • Archery costing £22
  • Paint Ball either half or full day at £20 or £35
  • Air rifle shooting on a range £23

This would be a car share event

3) Honister Slate Mine

This would be an underground mine tour. You would go deep underground learn about the history of the 450 milion year old green slate. Experience first hand the life of old miners. Experience enhanced reality techniques and special effects.

The cost would start at £17.50 per head for a party of 40 and increase as the party size diminishes. It would also involve having a minibus/coach as well.

Once I know if and how many are interested I will make further enquiries as to actual costs and dates.

When the old group “Baby Boomers” went we had a great day out.

4) The Flower Bowl at Barton Grange Garden Centre

Barton Grange have recently re-opened the activity centre called the “Flower Bowl”. At this centre you can do curling, 10 pin bowling, grazy golf, crazy pool (like crazy golf but using different pool tables) and a golf simulator.

They offer various packages or one could be tailor made to suit Southport U3A. Their standard packages range fro £50 – £75 each depending on which activity and how many activities are wanted, lunch can be included. The siaze of the group would also influence the costs.

This would be a car share event

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