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Let’s Go And Do A Treasure Trail

Southport u3a Let's Go Treasure Trail

The Let’s Go group turned into spy pirates for a few hours yesterday (29/9), to take part in a treasure trail quest around Liverpool.

Some of the group members (not mentioning any names but they may have something to do with the newsletter) were so excited about the chance to mingle, they turned up an hour early! Cue an hour wandering up and down Bold St, salivating at all of the wonderful smells coming from the restaurants.

Southport u3a Let's Go Group enjoy their coffee

When the remainder of the group finally arrived, the scene was set and everybody moved on to Lime St Station, where the first treasure trail clue was waiting to be solved.

Over the course of the next 3ish hours, the group walked 3.5 miles, solved 20 clues, learned several previously unknown facts about Liverpool, drank coffee and ate ice cream. Unfortunately we were unable to solve one of the clues, due to the area in question being covered with scaffolding and protective sheets. I won’t say what the clue was, in case other members want to do the treasure trail in future.

Having completed the course an hour early, we descended upon Bistro Pierre on Button Street. This is a great little restaurant which is nothing to do with the Bistrot Pierre chain. They were happy to accommodate us well before our reservation time and so the day ended happily, with a great meal and excellent company.

Thanks must go to Maria, for sticking her head above the parapet to lead the charge. All in all she did a good job of keeping the rabble under control.

To learn more about the Let’s Go group, head over to their group page.

If you are interested in joining Southport u3a, please get in touch using our contact form.

Southport u3a Let's Go group Treasure Trail
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