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Wigan International Jazz 2023

Wigan Jazz 2023

A small group of jazz enthusiasts attended the Wigan International Jazz Festival with the Jazz Group in July and had a full day going from concert to concert. It was an exhausting but highly entertaining day.

One participant emailed Geoff Matthews after the event saying – 

Well Geoff how are you ever going to better THAT outing?

What a fabulous day we had at Wigan – blown away by the music and a great day with lovely people. Excellent venue, hospitality and the music…. A long day but well worth the stay.

Thank you so very much for arranging it and making my Birthday weekend. You’re a star, we are so very lucky to have you in our u3a – thank you.”

If you are interested in joining the Jazz group, please visit their group page.

Wigan Jazz 2023
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