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Two 2 at Southport Litle Theatre

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One of our members, Glenys, sent this information in about Two 2 at the Southport Little Theatre and thought it would be of interest to Southport u3a members.

This is what Glenys had to say about it.

I have been to see Southport Liitle theatre’s production of ‘Two 2’. It is absolutely excellent on all counts!! The only thing lacking…… is audiences.

It seems some theatre goers are still hesitant about visiting theatres yet. So much effort has gone into this production, it is an absolute shame that  people may miss it.

It is on until next Saturday (20th November), the show starts 7.30pm. Tickets cost from ten pounds.

It is Covid friendly and a real laugh out loud performance from the two fantastic actors.

I am sending this info for no personal reasons, other than hoping others may enjoy it as much as I did and giving the production team and actors etc support for their endeavours


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Two 2 at Southport Theatre
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