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Not Mushroom For OYCZ Pottery Group

Southport u3a OYCZ pottery

Apologies for the awful (and old) pun, but it had to be done (it is Christmas Cracker joke time after all).

After several sessions, to make and fire them, the OYCZ group have now finished their pottery toadstools and you can see the results below.

The Southport u3a ‘Outside Your Comfort Zone’ group was formed to challenge/allow people to take on activities which they would not normally consider. Pottery is one of the calmer things they have done, but if you prefer more of an adrenaline fix zipwires are also a possibility. if you are interested in challenging yourself, or simply have some suggestions about things they can do, visit their group page and get in touch with the group leader.

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For more information about Southport u3a please get in touch using our contact form.

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