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Local History Group Update

Southport u3a Local History - John Corbett Blue Badge Guide

On 19th January the Local History group met at Lord Street West, where John Corbett, a Liverpool Blue Badge Guide, gave an interesting talk about the American links with Liverpool over the centuries. 

He outlined the links and connections and the prominent  people during these times, particularly the shipping merchants who imported sugar, tobacco and cotton. Evidence of this can be seen today in the large warehouses which are now being converted into apartments along the waterfront.

Over the centuries the docks were developed by eminent engineers. Many merchants invested inland along the Eastern seaboard of America, as well as still owning property in the Liverpool area. 

John highlighted a wealth of local historical information that our members can now go and investigate further in the museums of Liverpool, if they wish.

Jean, Helen and Myra are very pleased to welcome Rose into the fold. She is really keen to become involved and help in the planning and leading of future trips.

We are currently in the process of devising a programme of events. Some of these will include:

These will be advertised through  an email to all members of our group when plans are finalised and will be bookable on Beacon. 

If you would like to visit any of the places of interest we have already been to, please ask and we can give you some advice and details of how to do this independently.

Jean Helen and Myra

If you would like more information about the Local History group, or are interested in advice and details of previous trips, please contact the group leaders via their group page.

For enquiries about Southport u3a, you can get in touch with us using our contact form.

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