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RHS Bridgewater Coach Trip

RHS Bridgwater - Southport u3a Coach Trips

The members on the RHS Bridgwater Coach Trip had a lovely relaxing day at RHS Bridgewater on Wednesday, 15th September. 

After a leisurely lunch at a table overlooking the lake, everybody strolled around the gardens making a note of plant ideas for their gardens next year. There was plenty of time to sit, basking in the glorious  sunshine while admiring the flowers and absorbing the wonderful views around. We then ventured through the  woodland area to the  far lake and  returned in time for the group photo.It was a very pleasant day.

Thanks to Derek and Anne.

Southport u3a CVoach Trips at RHS Bridgwater
Southport u3a Coach Trips group at RHS Bridgwater

You may have missed the RHS Bridgwater coach trip, but for more information about the Coach Trips group, please visit their group page.

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