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How Southport u3a Groups are organised and how you can join one

Southport u3a group activitiesThe Southport u3a Groups currently running are listed on the Groups Page. We have always been member driven. All our groups are run by members who have a particular knowledge or passion for the subject and have volunteered to run one. If you see a subject that interests you, then click on the link and it will give you details of where and when the group runs. If the activity has multiple groups running then each group will be described and you can decide which one you wish to join.

To join a group, you must contact the Group Leader by  using the contact link on each group page. The Group Leader will then respond to your enquiry. If the Group is already full, depending on the facilities available to the group, you will be advised and added to a waiting list.

If you have a passion or knowledge of a subject that is not on this list, then we would encourage you to volunteer to set up a new group. You can either lead this yourself or find out if there is someone else prepared to share the leadership with you. This shared leadership applies in many Group cases and shares the load.

If you wish to set up a new Group, please contact our Vice Chairperson through the Contact Form.  

To enquire about joining Southport u3a, please contact our Membership Secretary through the Contact Form.

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