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Book Clubs

There are four Book Clubs to choose from.The maximum number in a group is usually eight people to aid and facilitate a sound discussion. Each group is independent and the choice of books to be read is down to each group. A book a month is read then discussed at the group meeting. Books are selected from the list of books made available by Southport Library. All groups are welcoming and friendly and offer a sociable and friendly evening with like minded people.

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These days Reading Groups are widespread but for those unfamiliar with them `Reading Groups’ by Jenny Hartley (Oxford 2001) is an excellent introduction. There are also weekly columns in newspapers, eg. The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

Day of meetingMonthly, last Tuesday

The books will be the members’ selections.

Day of meetingMonthly, 1st Tuesday

The meetings will take place in the coffee lounge at the Ramada Hotel

Day of meetingMonthly, 3rd Thursday

Meetings at the leader’s home.

Date of meetingMonthly, 1st Tuesday

Dates For Your Diary

    30 Nov 2021

    7:00 pm

    Book Club 1

    There are currently 5 members and therefore vacancies for a number of people. It is a friendly and sociable group with meetings held in each others’ homes on a voluntary rota. These meetings are usually on a three weekly basis, however, this may vary throughout the year. We read mainly “modern” novels (ie the last 50 years or so).

    07 Dec 2021

    2:00 pm

    Book Club 4

    Southport u3a Book ClubsStarting in August, the first chosen book will be The evidence against you by Gillian McAllister.

    07 Dec 2021

    7:30 pm

    Book Club 2

    We take turns to meet in members’ homes and because of this we limit our number to 8 to enable members to be able to accommodate us. However if members cannot accommodate 8 it would not exclude them.

    16 Dec 2021

    10:30 am

    Book Club 3

    Southport u3a Book ClubsThis group meets in the coffee lounge.

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