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Beacon is an online database system for managing the running of u3a organisations. It is used by over 300 regional u3as around the UK. Southport u3a adopted the Beacon system in 2019 so that members can do things interactively online. We hope that you can make use of the Beacon system. 

You can login using the relevant links below.

AS A SOUTHPORT u3a MEMBER you can use Beacon to:

  • update your personal membership details
  • renew your subscription (via Paypal or debit/credit card)
  • enquire about joining the groups
  • keep up-to-date with the groups, meetings and events

To view or adjust your personal information first click the link to open the BEACON MEMBERS PORTAL. This will open the Beacon page on a new tab.

Completing the Portal Information

The good news is that you don’t need to remember a password. The bad news is that you must enter your five credentials exactly as they have been provided to you. These are your:

  • membership number, must be your current one
  • forename, must begin with a capital letter followed by small letters. If you have used a shortened version of your forename when registering, then remember to use this
  • surname, must begin with a capital letter followed by small letters
  • postcode, must include the space
  • email, must be absolutely spot on with all the dots and special characters.

Remember: your entry is case sensitive.

  • if the credential boxes are emptied after clicking the grey Confirm Identity button, you have not provided the credentials that exactly match your record and you will have to keep trying (there is no limit to your attempts)
  • if you are renewing your subscription through the Portal click the link to online renewal presentation for step by step help

If you are having problems accessing or using the Beacon Members Portal, click HERE to watch a short video explaining how to do so.

Don’t panic though, your browser can be asked to remember all but your membership number!

AS A GROUP LEADER you can use Beacon to:

  • manage the members in your group (print lists, send emails, check contact details)
  • keep your group information exciting and up-to-date
  • publicise meetings and events for your group

– to log on to Beacon as a Group Leader click the link to the BEACON ADMINISTRATION LOGIN.
– to read guidance click the link for beacon for group leaders.

If you have forgotten your password, or have other queries, please use the contact form to email our Beacon Administrator or Membership Secretary.

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